Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with your members and the community you serve takes time and planning. We're here to help.

Your organization has a website, and you're also on Facebook, but you don't know how you should be using those tools to engage your community. You're unsure what to share on Facebook, and you're wondering -- should you be on Instagram too?

We can help.

With over ten years experience providing digital strategy strategy and support t to churches and nonprofits, we can teach you how to use the digital space -- like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter -- to connect to your congregation and the community you serve.

The growth of social media means people are communicating in new ways, so your organization needs to use these same platforms to communicate too.

When people in your community are in need of hope and help, engaging with your organization on social media can provide a bright light for them.

To use today's digital platforms, you need a plan, the right tools, and learning resources to guide you, and we're here to provide that support to you.

We support your digital strategy efforts

by helping you develop a plan and showing you how to bring the plan to life.

Digital Strategy for Churches

Just like your website, your social media presence provides 24 / 7 evangelism and inspiration for the members of your congregation and the people in your community, so it's important to keep it up to date and stay engaged with your followers.

Whether it's Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, your church has the opportunity to use the platform to build a connection with people in your online community.

We can help you make plans and review the performance of your social media activity to make sure you make the most of those connections.

When your office is closed, your social media presence can continue to work for you -- spreading your nonprofit's message and educating your followers on the causes that are important to your organization.

No matter which platform you choose, smart use of social media can turn your followers into donors and volunteers.

With our help, social media can help your nonprofit use time and money wisely, using the digital space to lead potential supporters to your organization.

Digital Strategy for Nonprofits